About the Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group
The Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (MAHG) is a 20,000+ member-driven group “headquartered” in Washington, DC and is one of the largest and most active outdoor groups in the Mid-Atlantic Region. MAHG annually donates thousands of service hours to a variety of environmental concerns with a focus on park and trail awareness as well as trail maintenance. This is demonstrated by actively supporting and partnering with numerous other non-profits on both the local and national levels. MAHG promotes the many heath benefits provided by hiking. MAHG annually organizes and executes hundreds of hikes to strive to provide ample opportunities for our members to be active within our group no matter a member's hiking preferences and/or abilities. We provide the opportunity for members to “unplug” and be more mindful of the world around them. MAHG is committed to introducing future generations to the unique environmental challenges facing the Mid-Atlantic region. Our outreach program, speaker series, and specialized hands-on classes provide many community-building activities that help promote awareness and participation in environmental stewardship. What the Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group is About
Active Membership

If a member has not logged onto the www.midatlantichiking.com website for the prior 12 months, their membership will be auto-deleted. This is in no way punitive and we welcome you to rejoin anytime! In the spirit of full disclosure and transparency, Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group adopted a best practice of providing a timely and true reporting of its current membership numbers that are real and accurate as reported by Meetup. This way, our group's membership size is indicative of real, actual and active members and not an artificial representation of active members and hikers. This helps us know how many hikes to offer and how many leaders are needed for the group.

Feedback, Suggestions, and Corrections We hope this page is helpful to you and addresses some questions you might have. Please share any ideas and suggestions you may have by contacting me at the e-mail address below. We realize that we are not perfect, however we are always actively improving. With over 4500 hikes in just eight (8) years, we have certainly learned a thing or two — but recognize that there is still much left to learn. All constructive feedback, edit suggestions, corrections to site information or directions, and ideas are not only welcomed, but are encouraged, appreciated, and responded to! Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group did not become one of the largest and most active hiking groups with only me at the helm — it took a lot of effort and dedication from our many volunteers. Let’s have good times and see you on the trail! Yours in service, Kellie Carlisle Founder and Executive Director Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group

Midatlantichikinggroup.org (Main Website)

Midatlantichiking.com (Meetup Site and Hike Schedule)

Phone: 240.393.7640

E-Mail: kcarlisle@midatlantichikinggroup.org

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