Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group - Accomplishments

While the Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (MAHG) has been around since July, 2007, it has only recently begun working to fulfill our Mission.  Even so, MAHG has already scored a major success for the region.  In October, 2015, MAHG won a Leave No Trace Hot Shot bid for Patapsco Valley State Park.  The cleanup was held in April of 2016.

MAHG sponsored the Greenbelt Pumpkin Festival for the 3rd consecutive year. In particular, this fall festival has deep roots in our community and ties in well with our mission.What began as a rally to save the Great Northern Woods 27 years ago has grown into an annual celebration of the City of Greenbelt’s decision to protect nearly 200 acres of undeveloped forest now known as the Greenbelt Forest Preserve. The annual Greenbelt Pumpkin Walk, supported and sponsored by MAHG, is the town jewel of the festival. Through the event, we invited community members to explore, connect with nature while building a stronger community and enjoy a jack o' lantern illuminated hike through the woods. We promoted a series of events that celebrate pumpkins and forest conservation. These events were varied but included poetry readings, forest cleanups, and of course, nature hikes, pumpkin patches, and food tastings. Over 1000 constituents attended the festival during its two-week timespan! In 2015, the Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group sponsored the American Hiking Society at the Gold level. In 2015, the Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group sponsored Leave No Trace at the Full Partner level. In 2015, the Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group posted 19 cleanup events across 7 area parks and was able to connect over 120 people to those events. Part of our mission is building a stronger community by helping to maintain and preserve our trails, parks, and environment for generations to come. MAHG promotes the many health benefits that hiking provides. In a time of increasing stress, hiking provides a healthy way to unplug, get out, and socialize while connecting with nature! Information on this page provides just a few examples of your dollars at work to make a real difference in our ability to fulfill this commitment. Please keep in mind we are a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization (Tax ID: 47-5141831) and is a 100% volunteer effort! All of our hike leaders, officers, and board members are all volunteers.

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