Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group Calendar The Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (MAHG) calendar is balanced to contain hikes of different degrees of difficulty each weekend. The calendar also works to vary the distance and region each (degree of difficulty) hike is located from the Washington D.C and Baltimore area. So, one weekend an easy hike may be in the Washington D.C. beltway and the next weekend an easy hike may be north of Baltimore. The same holds true for moderate, strenuous, and very strenuous hikes. During the holiday seasons, MAHG holds annual events that highlight the culture of the Mid-Atlantic region. The seasonal events start with the Pumpkin Cannon in October and end with the Holiday Light hikes in December. To avoid mosquitoes and ticks, MAHG holds camping trips to various parts of the Mid-Atlantic region. Spring camping trips are usually in April and May. Fall camping trips are usually in September through November. Kayaking trips are held when the water + air temperature are greater than 120 F. To view the MAHG Meetup calendar, click the button below.

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