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Calvert Cliffs State Park We will meet in the LAST parking lot just prior to exiting the park, it is a double side by side parking lot and the biggest parking area. A single maintenance shed and mulch pile will be visible. If you feel as though you are about to exit the park completely, the exit allows entrance back into the park, just loop around. Please note it is NOT the parking adjacent to the pond, if you see the pond you haven't traveled far enough. NOTE: Please remember to take the leader(s) number(s) with you but please respect the fact that we are all volunteers and there is often no cell coverage at trailheads and varies according to service provider. If you call very close to hike time, please understand that we are very busy with pre-hike preparations for ourselves in addition to group sign in, pre-hike briefing, and then leading the hike. It is also very difficult to provide instructions to someone while following them too, hence providing very detailed directions on this separate page. Leaders are advised to not answer phones once a hike is started so we don't miss a turn on the trail due to the distraction of a call. Thank you for your understanding and see you there!


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