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The Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (MAHG) brings a sense of community to its membership. Many of our members have formed lasting friendships through their shared experiences with our group. Whether its hiking, kayaking, camping, or cleanup efforts with parks in the region, our approachable atmosphere helps bring everyone together.
Community Outreach


According to Wikipedia, "Outreach is an activity of providing services to any populations who might not otherwise have access to those services."


They go on to say: "Outreach is often meant to fill in the gap in the services provided by mainstream (often, governmental) services, and is often carried out by non-profit, nongovernmental organizations."  The Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group offers, as part of its mission, health and educational opportunitites in an outdoor environment.

Vet Arts Connect


The Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group's mission is to enhance people's physical, emotional, and psychological health by getting them outside and active in a supportive social setting.  We believe that all people can benefit from time spent in a wilderness setting and from the physical activity required to reach these wild spaces.  Furthermore, as with many activities, we believe that such an experience can be made even better when it is shared with a great group of people.  Therefore, we work to provide events for people of all backgrounds and walks of life.


We are proud to offer, in conjunction with the Institute for Integrative Health,  specialized opportunities for those who have served our nation.  Feel free to explore our veterans-only events by clicking the Veteran's Hiking button.  We hope the

experiences people have will prove positive and benefit their life.

Veteran's Events


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