History of the Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group The Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (MAHG) was founded by Kellie Carlisle in July, 2007. She wasn't looking to start a new hiking group. In fact, she had only recently moved to the area and was excited to try some local hikes to share with her family. Unfortunately, during her first hike, she and three other ladies were left behind and soon found themselves lost on the trails. Rather than give up on hiking, Kellie decided to start her own Meetup group whose number one focus was that 'no one gets left behind'. When MAHG was only a Meetup group, Kellie's focus on her members' safety led to a number of firsts in the Meetup hiking community: MAHG was the first Meetup hiking group to limit the number of hikers per hike leader. Unless a hike is in an urban setting or a flat, open area, MAHG tries to limit hikes to 15 hikers per hike leader. MAHG was the first Meetup hiking group to provide different paces on any given hike. If more than one hike leader is available for any given hike, MAHG offers multiple paces. MAHG was the first Meetup group to pay for their hike leaders to get First Aid, Hike Leader Certification, and Wilderness First Responder training. Hike leaders who focus on urban hikes or ones close to emergency response teams usually get First Aid training. Hike leaders who focus on hikes in the national forests or far from emergency services get Wilderness First Responder training.


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