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How to Earn Pre-Approval for Very Strenuous Hikes How Can I Earn a Permanent “Pre-Approved for Very Strenuous Hikes “Title” or “Badge”? First, please note that not having the pre-approval for very strenuous hikes 'badge' does NOT mean that you cannot participate with MAHG on very strenuous hikes. If you have not yet earned the "Preapproved for Strenuous Hikes" badge/title, then you must contact the leader for each VERY strenuous hike you would like to attend so that you and the leader can decide together if it is a hike for you at this time. To earn the permanent, Pre-Approval for Very Strenuous Hikes, title/badge, you must hike at least two or more of our very strenuous hikes. Before each hike that you wish to use as a qualifying hike for consideration towards your permanent classification, you should ask a hike leader of your choosing (who is leading the particular hike in question) and let him/her know that you are interested in earning the pre-approval for very strenuous hikes title. If the hike leader agrees, then they will keep an eye on how you are holding up during the hike to see how you where you are within the pack of hikers. After completion of the hike in question, and if and when, a member of our leadership team feels that he/she wants so "sponsor" you and will recommend you for pre-approval for very strenuous hikes by sending me their recommendation for final revew. At this point I ask any other members of our leadership team whom you have hiked with on strenuous and any additional very strenuous hikes and get feedback from any and all other hike leader(s) who have hiked with the member and are responsible for assisting in making the final determination. Hope to see you on the trails soon! Yours in service, Kellie Carlisle Founder and Executive Director Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (Main Website) (Meetup Site and Hike Schedule) Phone: 240.393.7640 E-Mail: The Caring Paradox -- Self-realization is only possible through caring for others. Caring for and about others is caring for ourselves …


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