The Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group
The Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (MAHG) was founded by Kellie Carlisle in July, 2007. She wasn't looking to start a new hiking group. In fact, she had only recently moved to the area and was excited to try some local hikes to share with her family. Unfortunately, during her first hike, she and three other ladies were left behind and soon found themselves lost on the trails. Rather than give up on hiking, Kellie decided to start her own hiking group whose number one focus was that 'no one gets left behind'.
Starting with after-work walks around Centennial Lake in Columbia, MD, MAHG built a following with its detailed information, social setting, and approachable atmosphere. Since then, MAHG has steadily grown in size to become the largest hiking group on the East Coast, and possibly the entire United States. More importantly, MAHG has grown its offerings to include: Hikes of all levels of difficulty Kayaking trips devoted to highlighting the Mid-Atlantic's environmental and historical character Seasonal events that bring community together Most importantly, MAHG has kept the social, approachable atmosphere it started with.

In 2015, MAHG decided it had reached the point where it should use its size, and the commitment of its members, to do good for the community and environment.  A Vision and Mission Statement were developed to detail MAHG's efforts and cause. In late 2015, MAHG applied for, and was granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS.  While MAHG is still on Meetup, it is also on Facebook, and Twitter.  Like many charities these days, MAHG uses a variety of social media outlets to spread its message and partner with like-minded organizations and individuals.

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