The Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group as an Organization

Now that the Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (MAHG) has evolved into a 501(c)(3) charity, it has expanded it's scope of offerings, interests, and needs.  It seeks to build on hiking, not just as an activity, but as a way of life: a way to deal with the stresses of modern life and achieve health, happiness, and balance.  MAHG wants to bring this way of life to everyone's attention and help introduce the urban youth to the joys and benefits of hiking.  For today's youth, in addition to the health benefits, hiking holds the promise of seeing the world unplugged and improved social skills.

To achieve it's goals, MAHG has developed a Mission Statement and Vision Statement.  These statements help guide MAHG's efforts, but just as importantly, they broadcast them to the world to draw like-minded individuals, organizations, and companies so our combined efforts might achieve more.  And so we ask everyone; no matter your financial, political, or entity (individual, company, or organization) status: if you hold these same beliefs that hiking improves one's health and urban youth are well-served by getting outdoors and hiking, help us to achieve these goals in whatever way you can.  Whether its financial, volunteering, or just spreading the word, MAHG firmly believes everyone has something to contribute.


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