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How Can I Volunteer and Contribute to Mid-Atlantic Hiking Groups Mission? As a continuously growing non-profit committed to promoting the many health benefits that hiking provides, we are always looking for high caliber members to join our volunteer leadership team. However, we will always opt to post fewer hikes before we would settle on letting just anyone join our team. What does it take to be part of our outstanding team? We ask that you have a genuine interest in assisting your fellow hikers, and either already possess or are looking to develop outdoor leadership skills. When we are leading hikes, we are leading our hikers, and not hiking just for ourselves. There is no such thing as volunteering too little time. There is no such thing as volunteering to lead too few hikes - or too many! Mid-Atlantic Hiking Groups appreciates any amount of time or resources you have to give. Volunteer Opportunities
  • Joining the Mid-Atlantic Hiking Groups Leadership Team


Click Here to Learn About Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group’s Mission

What is the Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group Leadership Team? Our volunteer leaders range from those who lead a handful of hikes each year to some who lead two or more hikes every week. It is up to you, the volunteer, how often and when you can lead. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group strives to keep rules to a minimum — allowing each leader’s own personality to shine through and creates a non-controlling, relaxed, and more social environment. We celebrate and embrace the diversity of our leadership team and membership base. We all lead to the beat of our own drum. We limit almost all of our hikes to no more than 15-20 hikers per hike leader*, providing for frequent opportunities for multiple hike leaders to lead separate small groups for one event. This allows us to offer a variety of paces (if requested by leader), accommodate more members who want to enjoy the hike — and do so while maintaining our pledge and commitment to hike in small groups. *Our partner, Leave No Trace, defines hiking in small groups as those with 15-20 or fewer participants as determined by trail type, traffic, location, surface, and other factors. Why Join Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group’s Volunteer Leadership Team?
  •  Knowing that you are volunteering for an organization that is mission-driven and making a positive impact in thousands of lives by re-connecting people with the natural world - one hike at a time!


  • Unparalleled Camaraderie.


  • A No Fuss No Muss non-profit organization that promotes the many health benefits that hiking provides — Where Safety Always Comes First and Good Times Are Had


  • We take care of as much as we can so you do not have to - including hike planing, organization, hike plans, e-mails, and calls regarding your hike. Just pick your hike and we do the rest!


  • Books and Maps for Venues in the Area Where You Frequently Lead.


  • Members of our leadership team never pay for any of our activities.


  • Leadership team only opportunities such as cookouts, get togethers, and other fun events.
Do I Need To Have Any Previous Outdoor Leadership Experience to Join Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group’s Leadership Team? The short answer is no. Whether you come to our team with years of outdoor leadership experience or are just beginning to hone your leadership skills in preparation for leading your first hike, we hope to offer something that is priceless and immeasurable — camaraderie. The camaraderie within our group is the strongest you will find anywhere and morale is high thanks to our team's and members' efforts. We are all dedicated to having a ton of fun out there while being safe and continuing to be a team we can all be proud to be part of, Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group's Leadership Team. How Do I Join Mid-Atlantic Hiking Groups Leadership Team? Step 1 — Click the button below and Complete the Online Mid-Atlantic Hiking Groups Leadership Team Application! Step 2 — Complete Two Shadow Hikes Select two unique hikes where you will hike up front with one of our more experienced members of our leadership team. This proven approach allows you to get a personalized explanation of how we do things. We refer to these first two hikes, your ‘shadow’ hikes. Shadow Hike Details: Your first shadow hike is where you watch, learn, and ask all the questions that you have while hiking up front with the leader of the hike. This ‘mentoring’ style of training has proven to be an excellent hands on, experiential, and more interactive style of learning the ropes for our group. On your second shadow hike, we reverse things to where you will once again hike up front along with the leader, but this time the leader is there to support you, and lead the hike along with you. While you both will be leading the hike, your shadow leader, is there for support, to answer your questions as they come up, and offer guidance when and if necessary. It often helps, especially if you are new to outdoor leadership, that after first joining our leadership team, you gain experience by helping out with hikes on our calendar that are in need of an additional hike leader — or an additional pace option. Please note that volunteering is an offering of your time with no expectation or motive of receiving anything in turn.

Click Here to Learn About Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group’s Mission

Training, Courses, and Certifications Offered (Not Required) Hike Leader Certification (On Site)

(Cost: $35.00) 100% Reimbursable at any time for members of the MAHG leadership team. This highly regarded course is offered a few times a year. Course curriculum was designed and developed by Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group. The class is offered through our onsite training facility and provides a combination of indoor, outdoor, and on the trail educational techniques to provide a well rounded approach to outdoor leadership development.

Wilderness First Aid

(Cost $225.00 - $350.00) 100% Reimbursable based on how frequently a leader leads hikes. Unfortunately, we can no longer prepay for this course after MAHG being taken advantage of in the past and suffering significant financial loss.

Medical Wilderness First Responder Course

(Cost $350.00-$400.00) 100% Reimbursable based on how frequently a leader leads hikes. Unfortunately, we can no longer prepay for this course after MAHG being taken advantage of in the past and suffering significant financial loss. Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group is proud to offer a Medical Wilderness First Responder Course taught by one of our own members, Dr. Ellen. (Note: If you are in the medical field, this certification is worth 30 AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s) TM.) Most of us are not in the medical field and start with no to little medical knowledge. Any member of our leadership team is able to take this course, but they should contact Dr. Ellen first to discuss any questions or concerns about the class using the contact information provided on the courses website. Dr. Ellen has trained several Special Forces teams and search and rescue squads for any of you interested in branching out into that line of service.

Get the Hike Leader Application To be a successful leader, your motivation must truly be a desire to help and lead others. For the past 8 years since our inception, we have been very fortunate to attract high quality and dedicated individuals to our team. Thank you for your interest in joining Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group’s leadership team. You can reach me at the e-mail address or number below should you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to receiving your application soon! Yours in service, Kellie Carlisle Founder and Executive Director Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group (Main Website) (Meetup Site and Hike Schedule) Phone: 240.393.7640 E-Mail: The Caring Paradox -- Self-realization is only possible through caring for others. Caring for and about others is caring for ourselves …


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